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White Fences 71% PSG Royale!


Another great day at the show today. Rolling Stone gave me my last score needed for my Gold medal, thank you Julia Ellis Jeschke for this fantastic opportunity! Royale received another 71.184% at PSG, to say I'm honored to have the ride on this talented horse is an understatement. This time last year Royale was still unsure about a single flying change now he is schooling two tempis!! Thank you Scott Durkin for believing in the bond Royale and I have, there's nothing better than having an owner who believes in you!! Of course I had my dad Bill Davis and his great coaching again and even though Bent Jensen wasn't there I know he would have been very proud of Royale, Rolling Stone and I!

A First, Second and Fourth place at Dressage at Devon!


I can hardly believe Dressage at Devon is over the weekend went by so fast!! Royale was amazing all weekend, he got better each day and more rideable even in the very electric atmosphere which is Devon!! I have so many people to thank if I forget anyone I'm sorry. Scott Durkin for being an amazing owner and always supporting Royale, my dad Bill Davis for everything which is a lot that he does at every horse show, Bent Jensen for coaching Royale and I to a 1st, 2nd and 4th place and also for believing in us, and my mom Karen Davis for coming and being a great horse show mom!! Royale has many people who keep him at his competitive best Billy Velix, Dr. Brad Amery, Dr. Robert Bruise, Dr. Jeff Williams, Dr. Andrea Sotela, and Marybeth Gordan from Purina. Then of course everyone who make Royale and I look our best Browbands with Bling, Trilogy Saddlery, Polo Gear, and International Riding Helmets!!!
Thank you so much to everyone who were cheering and rooting for us this past weekend, it meant a lot to me knowing there was so much support and belief in Team Royale!!!

From Eventing to Dressage at Devon - A Career Change Brings Out a Rising Star (


As Meagan Davis prepares for this week’s Dressage at Devon, she cannot help but think, “What if Royale hadn’t disliked Cross Country?” Not every person finds their calling in life early on. Some people may go through multiple careers before finding the right one. The same thing can happen with horses. Such is the case of the now up-and-coming dressage horse Royale, who is owned by Scott Durkin, and ridden by dressage trainer Meagan Davis. 

Meagan Davis Dressage in Loxahatchee, FL and Stone Ridge, NY


Meagan Davis’ family team centered business provides a great platform for learning. Building a beautiful barn and facility in Loxahatchee to extensively volunteering for youth, the Davis family genuinely cares for their clients and the sport of dressage. 

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